The Dark Side of Child Protection Services

Are You A Victim?

by Eric Hundley


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Those in the child protection services field know that time is a precious commodity, and with a cumbersome work process, heavy caseloads, and insurmountable tasks coupled with time constraints, social workers are at huge risk for burnout. In The Dark Side of Child Protection Services, the author explains how, with his training in industrial and organizational psychology, he was able to devise a system which helps those in the human services field improve performance, as well as reduce stress and increase job satisfaction. Many agencies have processes entrenched in subjectivity, a contributing factor to the dark side of child protection services. Without a disciplined process, subjectivity tends to support inadequacy and nurture dysfunction, which has a pernicious impact on staff, clients, the case management process, and taxpayers. A subjective work practice is often accompanied by a dysfunctional work environment where employee burnout is a constant threat. Dysfunction at work impacts all employees in the work setting, and public agency dysfunction impacts us all—either personally, or monetarily as taxpayers. The Dark Side of Child Protection Services offers a better alternative.


About the Author

Eric Hundley

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Eric Hundley has been in the field of child protection services for over 15 years, an investigator of abuse and neglect of children for more than 11 years, and he designed the first electronic case management tool of its type. Mr. Hundley is a master-level industrial and organizational psychologist and is pursuing a PhD in International Psychology. He is currently engaged in research efforts around the globe pertaining to the detrimental impacts of organizational discrimination and a cumbersome work process.