The Cul De Sac of Death

by Kermit Watson


Book Details

A massacre in the Republic of Vietnam

This is a factual, accurate report of the Battle of Ong Thanh, 10/17/67, in the jungles about 40 miles West of Saigon, not far from the Cambodian border, near the termination of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The words herein are the words of the 70 survivors (out of 144) of the 2d/28th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. The enemy, 271stVC Regiment was an experienced and crafty foe; our bravery could not balance the massive odds against us.


About the Author

Kermit Watson

The author was with the First Infantry Division on this date, serving as Trial Counsel (Prosecutor) for the division. He is a retired 0-6 living in the mountains of W.N.C. with Phyllis, his wife. This is his 3rd book on combat in RVN; the only one factual in its entirety. He is a member of the Georgia Bar Association since 1963. His military awards are the BS, AirMedal and MSM (2dOLC).

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