The Courageous Heart Where The Magic Flows

by Marisol Rivera


Book Details

In the beautiful land of Protan—a magical place of green pastures and beautiful waterfalls—there is such an air of peace and tranquility, it almost seems as if the land is enchanted. Tragedy strikes when Queen Angelia is found to be dying, and a brave young boy named Isaelis embarks on a dangerous quest to find a cure for his beloved queen. In the face of danger, Isaelis is revealed to possess a mysterious magical power, but in order to survive and save those around him, he must learn to harness this power. Will Isaelis become the unexpected hero his kingdom needs? The Courageous Heart: Where the Magic Flows is a thrilling fantasy filled with magic, monsters, and mystery—a coming-of-age tale that will tickle the imagination and warm the heart.


About the Author

Marisol Rivera

About the Author, Marisol Rivera. I was inspired to finish The Courageous Heart: Where the Magic Flows—a fairy tale that sat on a shelf for several years—after I was diagnosed with cancer. It was then that I decided to take another look at the manuscript and began to work on the story as I went through treatments. The writing helped to occupy my mind, and I was able to finish both the treatments and my fairy tale. I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New Jersey. I now live in the beautiful State of Florida. I have three wonderful daughters who are always in touch with me and two grandsons, Kaiden and Isaia who brightened my days with joy. I also have a granddaughter on the way and I’m looking forward to her birth. God bless them always....