The Bully's Bullies

by Donna Eget and J.C. Bessoir


Book Details

This bully bullied the wrong kid.

Ben Bessman is excited about starting seventh grade, until the first day of school, when he runs into bully Kevin Kincaid at the candy store. But the bully doesn’t stop with Ben—he hits fifth graders, and sixth graders, too, stealing money and homework, destroying property and spirits. Ben and his friends in the Child Prodigy Society (ChiPS) decide to fight back, with a series of ninja-style sneak attacks. They change Kevin’s lock, put slimy vomit in his backpack, and itching powder in his football uniform. It all goes well, until Kevin confronts one of the ChiPS after a prank, testing their strength and loyalty, and proving that there’s always someone or something bigger and smarter than even the biggest bully.


About the Author

Donna Eget and J.C. Bessoir

Donna Eget is an emergency doctor who has graduated to urgent care, and spends free time with her family and writing fiction. Her son J.C. Bessoir is a typical sixth grader who enjoys basketball, scouting and hanging out with his friends.



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