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When the time comes to ring the bell

Since Earth’s formation millions of years ago, a self-organizing genetic substance, enclosed in a shallow lens-type shell, has lay hidden in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda. Freezing temperatures, lack of oxygen and water pressure have kept it in a dormant state until the U.S.’s deep water drilling crew compromised its integrity. The situation quickly spun out of control and led to human tragedies when the mysterious substance blew out of the oil well, causing a mutation of animal, human and marine lives. Moved by the Gulf Stream, it advanced toward Europe and reached the Azores, ultimately becoming a potential threat to the entire world, which called for an immediate response. Amidst a military stand-off, secrecy and controversy, the U.S. and Russia, two former rivals, joined forces and employed a newly developed but never-before-tested Russian thermonuclear device called Kolokol. Thousands of endangered islanders and guests were evacuated to an improvised quarantine camp in Western Sahara while the affected zones were treated by a unidirectional high efficiency neutron bomb, delivered straight from the Earth’s orbit. The treatment, with its remarkable precision and flawless execution, seemed to eliminate the problem. However, the substance found its way to survive and continued to live on. This fantastic action-packed thriller follows numerous characters as they journey across Bermuda, the Azores, Western Sahara, England, Russia, the U.S. and France.


About the Author

Eugene Balakirov

The Bell is Eugene’s first science fiction novel. He has showcased his artistic and creative abilities through theatrical and rock music performances, newspaper articles, short poems, stories, songs and graphic designs. Born and raised in Russia, Eugene moved to the U.S. in 1994 and presently lives in Houston, Texas, with his family.

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