The Back Road To Success

All Roads Are Not Paved

by Robert L. Weaver


Book Details


Star Wainwright lives in a small town in rural America. There are no tall buildings or crowded streets and very little to do other than hang out with friends. Occasionally, some savvy business owner puts an arcade game room in the city part of town which instantly becomes the local attraction for many kids. But not Star. The kid with the unusual name has little ambition other than to stay home and let his mother take care of him. His interests are playing basketball and football…at home. But something happens to this mama’s boy that turns his world around. High school. Yes, even a kid with little desire to do anything except stay home has to attend high school! The Back Road to Success is the coming-of-age story of a young man who finds his way in the world by trial and error. Star’s journey toward manhood is both humorous and painfully familiar, and his story represents the universal struggle of growing up, even when you don’t want to!


Book Excerpt

"Who said anything about me going to college? I have no intentions of going back to school after having just left school after twelve years. So whatever Mr. Thomas or anyone else for that matter have planned for me can forget it! As for as me joining the military, I don't have to join immediately out of school. I can wait as long as I want before I join," I said in my best telling-her-off voice.


About the Author

Robert L. Weaver

ROBERT WEAVER grew up in a family of six. He was the fifth oldest in his family but became the first to graduate from college. He was also the first in his family to join the Army National Guard. While in college, he took the Reserve Officer Training Course and graduated as an officer in the Army Reserve. After college he spent a number of years in retail sales management. He also obtained an MBA in business administration while working as a manager in retail sales.