The Authentic Mexican Salsa

by Ernesto Gallo


Book Details

Mexican food is one of the richest and preferred cuisines in the world.

Among the vast and flavorful ingredients used in Mexican Food, Chili is perhaps the most distinctive one. Chili is used in most of Mexican food dishes, however, its greatest application continues to be: SALSA

Salsa is an icon in Mexican food and probably what made it so popular. Salsa is used to garnish food, spice a dish or simply as a dip. It can be use virtually in any occasion. It is not a surprise that these days Salsa is consumed more than Ketchup in America.

The Authentic Mexican Salsa book is a compilation of the most exquisite (yet easy to prepare) traditional Salsas of Mexico. All recipes in this book are as authentic as they can get and have been carefully chosen to provide the reader with the best variety of salsas, each of which has a recommended use or application. Besides Salsa, it also contains the recipe to probably the tastiest Mexican Guacamole.

The Authentic Mexican Salsa book also features interesting sections on "The Molcajete" (Mortar) and illustrated sections on “Traditional Chiles of Mexico” and the "Scoville Scale".

A must have for a SALSA lover!


About the Author

Ernesto Gallo

Ernesto was born in Mexico in 1977 out of a family that had been in the Authentic Mexican Restaurant business for two generations. Since he was a kid, Ernesto spent lots of hours in his family restaurant kitchens where he developed an early passion for Mexican food and created his first Salsas, even before reading or writing.

Ernesto has done a career in Investment Banking and Consulting however, his passion for Mexican food has always been there. Ernesto is also a founding partner of Mi Viejita USA (, a Mexican food business that specializes in dehydrated Mexican Salsas.

Ernesto is married to Celina and father of two: Isabella and Matías