The Angel That Touched My Head

by Leona Hollis


Book Details

Miracles Do Happen

After years of battling a crippling, very painful disease, Brad encounters a strange man that changes his life forever.


About the Author

Leona Hollis

Leona Hollis is a writer and author who lives in New York. She was compelled to write this book not only because her son was once hospitalized with a condition where the doctors didn’t know what to diagnose but also because she wanted to find a way to comfort the hearts of children as well as parents when they are sick and don’t know what to do. She believes that reading comforting and positive books to these children can make a difference in how they feel and give them a sense of hope whether the story is fiction or non-fiction. She loves singing, dancing, going to the beach, cooking and good clean comedy and having fun with her children. She also has upcoming books soon to be published including, “Wilamina and the Talking Junk Foods” and “Connected Hearts.”