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This book is more than a leadership book. The book does contain leadership, storytelling, and inspiration, but it also focuses on the mediocrity and indifference that is impacting our world. This book dives into what causes the misses that we see in our lives and around us; it also takes on current affairs that are causing the fracturing of our moral fabric.

When success is not achieved, there are times when the barrier is something more challenging to detect... the do-just-enough-to-get-by leadership. In other words, mediocrity. There is another condition just as destructive as mediocrity... indifference.Indifference is the ethical and moral ability to look away, do nothing... and be okay with it.

In The Depths Of Mediocrity: Eliminating Indifference, Joe Robert Thornton explores the elements that can be applied in our daily life to avoid mediocrity and indifference. He is taking this approach because he feels that it is time for a reality check; a time to step forward and call out mediocrity and indifference whenever and wherever we see it. It is important to hold ourselves accountable, but if we are to rid the world of mediocrity and indifference, we must also hold others accountable.

In this book, you will learn about:

• The problems created by mediocrity and indifference
• The potentially damaging statement- “I Didn’t Know”
• The importance of caring more
• How comparisons can lead to mediocrity
• The relevance of paying attention to details
• The power of kindness
• The negative impact of blaming
• The benefits of overachieving
• What ‘going the extra mile’ really means
• The value of effervescent effort

At book’s end, Joe Robert Thornton hopes that you will be inspired, but he will be more satisfied if you are compelled to act. If you want to overcome mediocrity and indifference in your life, this book is for you.


About the Author

Joe Robert Thornton

Joe Robert Thornton has spent 40 years in large-scale leadership roles, including his current role as Chief Executive Officer at Scooter’s Coffee. He has held executive leadership roles at Starbucks, Blockbuster, Jamba Juice, and HMSHost. Joe has lived most of his life in Texas, and currently resides with his wife in Omaha, Nebraska.