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“To-hell-you-ride!” - AN 1890s MINERS AND COWBOY SAYING

TELLURIDE TOP OF THE WORLD is the sequel to Tom Tatum’s first novel FIJI 1970. In the late 1970s, Cooper Stuart has returned to his sprawling historic mountain family ranch near Telluride. His widowed mother is managing the ranch with ever increasing bank loans. In Telluride, the Ajax Ski Company is determined to rule its future. After a hundred years, the gold and silver mines are playing out. The Ajax Ski Company owner made a fortune in the postwar uranium boom near Telluride. Cooper’s foray into Telluride takes him into the cocaine fueled ski and hot tub scene. Joe Bear Spirit, a Ute Indian Vietnam helicopter pilot and Indian Water Right’s activist throws in with Cooper on the YBarC. Judy rides the range with Cooper on her champion barrel racing horse and Adrianna, descended from centuries of Spanish gold mining witches, also joins to help save the YBarC ‘s rangeland and water rights from the forces that would destroy one of the Americas’ most remote and beautiful places. Pull on boot cut jeans, strap on spurs and lever a bullet into a saddle rifle for a Four Corners adventure centered in the smoldering stewpot of Telluride.


About the Author

Tom Tatum

Tom Tatum’s first novel is FIJI 1970 and its sequel is TELLURIDE TOP OF THE WORLD. His films and TV shows have been seen worldwide and include Double High, Winner’s Take All and Green Peace’s Greatest Hits. He worked in the Carter administration at the Office of Conservation and Solar Energy in communications. He operates a working ranch in New Mexico, and has skied and lived in Telluride for 40 years. He is married to Kathryn Tatum who painted the cover art, Rooftop of the World.