Sylvanor - The Secret of Under Hollow

by Eric J. Weisser


Book Details

Under Hollow, land of the dark elves, has a secret that Aldara is determined to learn. A rare half-breed of light and dark elf, Aldara is just as conflicted as her war-ravaged land. She walks a dangerous path, often bending right and wrong to fit her own needs. Trouble ensues when she sacrifices her friend Wyndle in order to save her own life. She soon realizes that she may have just delivered the one that can protect her realm from evil directly into the hands of the ruthless dark elf Queen. Aldara joins the quest to rescue Wyndle, but is her offer to help genuine, or is it just a clever ploy to sneak into Under Hollow, learn its dark magic and uncover the secret of the mysterious army of humanoid dragons called the Dracal?


About the Author

Eric J. Weisser

Eric J. Weisser lives in Encino, California with his husband, Jace and their cat, Doodle. He has lived in the fantasy worlds of countless role-playing games and now has taken up residence in the realm of Sylvanor to chronicle the adventures of its young heroes.



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