Sworn to Secrecy - For Life

A Young American Spy's Odyssey through War-torn Germany and Russia

by Charles Joseph Fickey


Book Details

“Trust no one,” Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun, carefully warns the precocious young German hero.

She has no idea that the handsome young man with the perfect German accent was born with a West Virginia twang. Or that he is now an undercover American counterintelligence agent.

Trained in the German language, history and military procedure, the seventeen year old from West Virginia has quickly found himself thrust deep into enemy territory as a clandestine agent whose identity is known only to FDR himself and his senior intelligence advisor.

Eva’s advice notwithstanding, he rapidly becomes trusted by leading Axis dignitaries and their top advisors and accepted into the confidence of the highest Axis leaders. Welcomed as a hero of their own, the young West Virginian is soon enlisted by them to carry out their own secret missions.

Somehow he must work around an increasingly complicated web of impersonations, intrigues and questionable alliances to complete his own counterintelligence mission for the President without being detected.

“Sworn to Secrecy flows with energy, suspense, humor and tension – all the elements of a page turner – but what truly grips the reader is the novel’s solid and fascinating grounding in the historical events and figures of World War II.” -James Matthews, U.S. Air Force Iraq War veteran and author of Last Known Position


About the Author

Charles Joseph Fickey

Charles Fickey was born in Morgantown, West Virginia. He served during World War II after being trained in the German language by the Army Counter Intelligence School. After spending two years in occupied Germany, he was discharged and served on military Reserve intelligence teams, in the National Guard and in the 306th Armor Group Reserve. As a civilian he worked for the Corps of Engineers Strategic Intelligence Division. A prior member of a senior writer’s group in New Canaan, CT, Charles is currently active in the Leisure World of Maryland Writers’ Workshop and is a member of the Historical Novel Association and the Thriller Writers Association. He is working on a sequel to Sworn to Secrecy.