Sweet Pea and the Bumblebee

by Jason Akley


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In a beautiful garden, Sweet Pea has just been born. As she awakens, she is filled with a sense of wonder and so very many questions….

"At first all she noticed was the light. She wanted to weep it was so bright. Then she noticed the light was warm. Before she knew it her petals had formed. But what was this light that she could feel? And who was she really? What was the deal? But even if she wanted to she couldn't answer such questions. For Sweet Pea didn't know she was Sweet Pea. She was still open to suggestions."
As a parent or teacher, how do you discuss the meaning of life and nature of being with a child? In Sweet Pea and the Bumblebee, author Jason Akley uses rhyming verse to explore life's intriguing philosophical concepts, as the wise bumblebee guides Sweet Pea in her quest to discover her purpose in life.


Book Excerpt

Yes, as the days came and went Sweet Pea looked all around. The bumblebee was right. She noticed numerous patterns to be found. And she too was a pattern. Not just a mixture of odds and ends. She found that some you could break. Others you could only bend. And the hunger remained. Just as the bumblebee taught. It had so many names. But Sweet Pea knew it was desire that she fought. In the traces of the sun and moon gently curving across the sky, Sweet Pea saw her own course and knew that someday soon she too would die. But in every death there was also birth. Truly what a comedy it was! And really how similar sadness was to mirth! All existence was suffering. Suffering was caused by desire. Being was also nothingness. How could it cease to inspire?


About the Author

Jason Akley

Jason Akley currently resides in New Athens, Illinois, and is the author of four books. Akley has a BS degree from Tulane University in physics and mathematical economics. The writing of Sweet Pea and the Bumblebee was inspired by Akley's newborn daughter.

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