Sinuous Walk of The Tiger

Afro Barometer

by Kelechi C. Nwosu


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Sinuous Walk Of The Tiger The King And The Rainmakers First Daughter Of Africa (for Oprah Winfrey) And Other Poems

Bestriding the strata of politics, relationship and lifestyle, this Anthology of Poems; Sinuous Walk of the Tiger projects the realities of life in Nigeria, Africa and the World, from a broad reflection of the unique and subjective experiences of individuals and collectives. Full of influences and interplays of people living and loving, the myriad of their experiences with reality; the good, the bad and the ugly and portraying the fact that people not only make the world go round but whatever goes around comes around. Set in the contemporary 21st century world of conflated time and space, increasingly diffused cultures and the ubiquitous mitigation of Information and Communication Technology; Sinuous Walk of the Tiger results in a fast-paced tempo and an up-beat rhythmic flavour of the unique and eclectic in the entire anthology. The Anthology proceeds from Nigeria and Africa, surveying in its wake the stirrings of liberty in a globalized world, and in the soul of a united humanity. It employs the mandate of politics, the promise of lifestyle and the experience of relationships to capture the tempo and rhythm of existence in the contemporary 21st century globalized world.


About the Author

Kelechi C. Nwosu

Kelechi C. Nwosu is a lawyer of scholarly distinction based in Abuja Nigeria. He has a way with words and can create poetic and musical masterpieces effortlessly from circumstances and situations of life. He exudes a manifest mastery of language and expressions and the patent ability to transmit his ideals, experiences and encounters, interactions and personal philosophy to flowery poetry, songs and verses. His style of writing reflects his variegated interests and curiosity, peering through the zeniths and the nadirs of life. He is an emerging Tiger in the literary world of woods. He has a bias for social works, human rights and community development. He studied law at Abia State University and the Nigerian Law School Abuja, where he obtained his LL.B (Hons.) and B.L respectively. He hails from Umukabia in Ohuhu Umuahia Abia State Nigeria. His practice spans in and out of court representation of clients: litigation, negotiated settlements, research, investigation and legal opinions, concepts development, facility management and recoveries. He has had outstanding results.