Sue's Nightmare

Blind Date--Love at first sight

by Dean Roberts

Sue's Nightmare

Sue's Nightmare

Blind Date--Love at first sight

by Dean Roberts

Published Feb 27, 2009
126 Pages


Book Details

A Mistaken Diagnosis. A Bungled Medical Treatment. And a Husband who Refuses to Keep Silent.

What if medical professionals who were supposed to make you well

instead pumped dozens of drugs into you with little rhyme or reason?

That's what happened to Sue Roberts, after suffering a debilitating

fall at a pleasant Friday-evening dinner party. Sue's Nightmare,

written by her husband Dean, chronicles the 20-month ordeal that

followed, filled with incompetent doctors, unthinking

bureaucracies-and the search for truth driven by unyielding love.

Told through a mixture of traditional narrative and intimate

diary-type entries, Sue's Nightmare shows what happens when doctors

reject common sense for expediency's sake. In Sue's case, an

obviously mistaken lab result convinced medical staff she was an

alcoholic, resulting in prescriptions for a slew of unneeded

pharmaceuticals. Despite Dean Roberts' pleas, doctors continued to

force the drugs, and the side effects contributed to a declining

quality of life as Sue suddenly confronted her biggest and most

unexpected medical challenge yet.

Sue's Nightmare is about the perils of a health care system that

fails to put patient interests first, and a legal system that

restricts monetary awards for winning lawsuits to seek redress. But

it's also one couple's enduring love story amid the grief, and a

husband's kept promise to his dying wife.


About the Author

Dean Roberts

Dean Roberts was born in a small Colorado farming community in 1932.

As a U.S. Air Force enlistee, he married what he called "the most

beautiful woman in the world." After retiring in 1986, the couple

settled in the West. Roberts currently lives in Brush, Colorado