The Storyteller 2: Truth and Consequences

Chicago Blood

by Erik J. Ekstrom


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The mysterious Mr. Natas returns in this, the first book of The Storyteller II trilogy. As Natas' journey continues through time and space, three more children will be tossed into the mix; their future's unknown.

Johnny Roselli finds himself deeply involved in a web of lies and deceit in 1920's Chicago.

Johnny partners up with a young Al Capone and Frank Nitti on their rise to the top of corruption and cold blooded murder, in a place where only the strong survive.

As bloody corpses pave the way to wealth and power, the battle between self-indulgence and the loyalty of a brother begins.

Johnny has to make the most important decision of his life and his choice could mean his own demise.


Book Excerpt


Nitti pulled O'Malley out of the car and Johnny followed closely behind them. They walked towards the end of the pier and Johnny felt the warmth of the lake breeze upon his skin. He knew O'Malley was going to die, and it didn't bother him one single bit. This was business, not personal. O'Malley begged for his life and Nitti just laughed in his face.


About the Author

Erik J. Ekstrom

Erik J. Ekstrom is originally from Chicago, Illinois and now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where he is currently working on numerous books,screenplays, and television shows.In his off time he is a huge movie buff and an avid reader.He has a passion for history and his attention to the details of the times can be seen in his works.Be sure to check out his first novel "The Storyteller" which is still available at most Borders books and at

Erik J. Ekstrom can be reached directly at and you can check out his web page at,look for him on facebook or for his daily blog.