Publishing Success Stories

self publishing gang“I tried to publish my book with the conventional publishers. I contacted hundreds of them and I did get a book deal with one major publisher. Halfway through the publication process, the major publisher requested substantial revisions to my manuscript and suggested adding a co-author to my book. If I were to make those revisions, I would not like the book myself and I would rather not publish it. I eventually cancelled the contract with the major publisher and decided to publish the book myself.

I compared various publishing options, and decided to go with Outskirts Press. The author representative and other people at Outskirts Press were hard-working and very responsive. They really know what they are doing. They walked me through the publication process step by step and made it very easy.
After years of trying, I finally got my book published through the great service of Outskirts Press.

self publishing planting designTheir services do not end after the book is published. They continue to provide excellent marketing advice. My book has consistently ranked as the number one or two selling book on the subject of Planting Design in Amazon since its release. I am working on two more books and I'll definitely use the great service of Outskirts Press again.”

Gang Chen, AIA,
successfully published author of Planting Design Illustrated

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self publishing sally“Choosing Outskirts Press has marked the cornerstone of my literary career! The more I speak with authors who did not choose Outskirts Press the more delighted I am that I did. I have discovered that self publishing offers an endless array of opportunities and Outskirts definitely gives you more book for your buck! I can’t see how I could ever self publishing the magic in youconsider choosing any other publisher!”

Sally Taylor
successfully published author of The Magic in You

self publishing dennis“I took just as much care looking for the right publisher as I did writing my book and Outskirts Press won hands down. They were professional throughout the entire process and always available to answer any questions I had. Outskirts Press is absolutely the best publisher any author could hope for.

Outskirts Press destroys the myth that it's difficult to get a book published. From my first contact with them to the day my book was in my hands and in the marketplace, Outskirts Press went above and beyond my expectations and led me every step of the way to becoming a successfully published author. My book is available and being purchased in seven countries so far. The sky is the limit with Outskirts Press.

After hearing horror stories from other authors about experiences they had with their publishers, I was extremely careful in my decision to choose Outskirts Press. Working with Outskirts Press was an amazing experience. They lived up to all of their promises, and within just a few short months my book was available around the world. It has truly been a dream come true.

self publishing mercenary intentOutskirts Press made getting my book published an unbelievably simple and stress free experience. My author representative helped guide me through every step of the process and within just a few months my book was in the marketplace. Every day I get comments on how great my book looks and I highly recommend Outskirts Press to anyone with a dream of becoming a published author.”

Dennis Hambright,
successfully published author of Mercenary Intent


self publishing jermaine“Thank you for making my dream a reality. Your resources and Author Reps are top notch and professional in every sense of the word.”

self publishing nemesisJermaine Rivers
published author of the Nemesis Chronicles





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