Top 6 Publishing Tips to Increase Your Chances for Success

1. Keep all your rights and more of the profits

Make more money by maintaining all your rights!

The intellectual property and copyright of your book is very valuable. You should always retain all your rights.

The very first sentence of our contract states: “Author retains 100% of the rights and copyright licenses to the submitted manuscript and all other material submitted to Outskirts Press, Inc.”  You can read our non-exclusive contract here. (Opens in a new window)

Why Outskirts Press? Simple. We do not take your rights like other publishers. If you are considering another publisher, be sure that you retain all rights to your work and that their contract does not tie you down for ANY amount of time and does not penalize you for leaving early (most do). It's your book and your future.

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2. Set your own pricing  

Make more money by setting your own pricing!

Would you rather control your retail price or leave that in the hands of the publisher? How about the best of both worlds? The publisher should recommend a price based upon market knowledge, but leave the final decision up to you.

Why Outskirts Press? Only Outskirts Press lets you, the author, set your own retail price, profit, and author discount. Our exclusive Pricing Plans make it easy. 

You receive 100% author royalties (the difference between the wholesale price and the production price of the book). The higher you set your retail price, the higher your profit.

Our amazing price calculator instantly recommends pricing for your book based upon the Price Plan you choose. If you don't like our recommended pricing, you can change the pricing to something you prefer. You are in control!

What about your author's discount?  Here's the best part. It doesn't matter if you buy 5 books at a time or 50. You will ALWAYS receive a deeply discounted, below wholesale price for your own book. The whole point of on-demand is small quantities, right? Why be forced to buy in bulk just to get a good price?


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3. Receive professional book formatting  

Leave the time-consuming work to us!

Simply submit your manuscript and we will format it according to our professional standards for a truly quality presentation.

Many authors think on-demand publishing is just about printing. Not so! Outskirts Press performs all the full-service pre-production tasks for you, like interior formatting and cover design, all under one roof.

Why Outskirts Press? We offer you full customizable covers that begin with a professionally designed foundation that you can customize with different colors or images. This guarantees that your cover is designed professionally and will aesthetically match your interior, a professional component that most other publishers do not bother with.

Other publishers’ so-called “custom covers” end up looking the same as all their other books, just with a random image thrown in. The production of a book is where the expense lies, and you truly get what you pay for. After the amount of time you spent writing your book, how important is your book’s appearance to you?

Leave the interior formatting and typesetting to the professionals. Only Outskirts Press professionally formats the interior of your book to aesthetically match the cover for a true quality publication.

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4. Full-service, worldwide wholesale distribution

Ingram and Baker & Taylor are the two largest book wholesalers in the United States. Your book will be distributed to both. Many publishers only submit your book to one or the other. Why get 50% of the wholesale distribution opportunities when you can get 100%?

Why Outskirts Press? Outskirts Press offers wholesale distribution of your book through both Ingram and Baker & Taylor with every package except the Emerald. Plus most of our packages include full-service, automatic distribution with online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble when your book is published.

Leave the book listings to us. When your book is published, you will see your book available for sale worldwide. We take care of all those details for you with our Ultimate, Full-Color, and Basic packages.

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5. Included marketing support

Make more money by getting the marketing support you need after publication!

After your book is published with our Ultimate, Full-Color, or Basic packages, you will automatically start receiving valuable promotion tips and marketing advice via email from the Marketing COACH. When and where should you send review copies? What radio producers should you contact (and what is their contact information)? What is Oprah's contact information and what is the best way to pitch her? All that information and more is shared with our authors for years after publication. 

Why Outskirts Press? Only Outskirts Press keeps in touch with you for years after your book is published with extensive publicity advice, promotional opportunities and optional marketing services. In fact, the day your book is published and when you order your free Author's Copies, we will mail you an informative guide called THE 7 MARKETING TACTICS OF SUCCESSFULLY PUBLISHED AUTHORS. It's just one more way Outskirts Press is there for you before, during, and after publication.

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6. Flexible print runs from 1 to 1000s  

Make more money by controlling your inventory!

It sounds too good to be true, but believe it. Say good-bye to print runs in the thousands, or even hundreds. Stop trying to guess how many copies you have to print just to get published. With Outskirts Press, we handle unlimited retail and wholesale orders as they occur by producing a single copy of your book within 24 hours and handling all the fulfillment for you. You don't have to do anything (except market your book).

It doesn't matter if your book sells 100 copies, or 100,000. You never have to pay additional out-of-pocket printing costs again, unless you order books directly for yourself. And, even then, you only have to buy them in quantities of 5 or more. With Outskirts Press, you always pay below wholesale for your own book.

Why Outskirts Press? Your author discount is always below the wholesale discount and you get to set it yourself by controlling your retail price and Price Plan. With other publishers, you will often pay OVER wholesale for your own book unless you buy hundreds of copies at a time.

Our books are known to cost our authors HALF of what other publishers charge for the same length book.

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