Steadfast Christian - (Best Books 2010 Award Winner, Religion: Christian Inspirational)

A higher call to faith, family, and hope

by Patrick Dillon -

Steadfast Christian - (Best Books 2010 Award Winner, Religion: Christian Inspirational)

Steadfast Christian - (Best Books 2010 Award Winner, Religion: Christian Inspirational)

A higher call to faith, family, and hope

by Patrick Dillon -

Published Jan 22, 2010
251 Pages
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Family


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Create in me a pure heart, O God,and renew a steadfast spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10)


Create in me a pure heart, O God,

and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
 (Psalm 51:10)

These beautifully simplistic, yet profound words of repentance from King David are the inspiration from which this book was written. The author, Patrick Dillon, feels this heartfelt cry is urgently needed in today’s society,

 “Serious events are taking place in the world and in our own personal lives

– it’s time to renew our faith and become steadfast in our convictions.”

This is a mixture of Holy Scripture, personal perspective, and family stories dating back four generations from the tail end of the Gold Rush, the Great Depression, up to current events. Topics such as Evolution, abortion, voting, peer pressure, baseball, Israel, and the present “great recession” are passionately discussed.

The author’s friendly candid style evokes an array of emotions. He challenges himself and his readers to truly commit to God, a God who deeply loves us and desires our very best. It is Patrick’s sincere aspiration that those who read this will have a renewed sense of true hope that only God can give.


Book Excerpt

Inside Peak:

I immediately called my sister and told her that she was going to Hollywood. Of course, she thought I was joking until the producer of the movie “Bella” who was still nearby asked for the phone to tell her in person.

The river knows exactly where it is going as it gently winds its way down to the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes I wish I had that much sense of direction in my own life.

I ran outside and raised my hands toward the angry sky and pleaded with God to divert the storm away from the airport. Almost immediately, as if God was responding, a huge bolt of lightning struck less than a mile away, exposing me with its brilliant light for the madman I had become.

Dad realized that his fire had gotten out of control and was spreading out into the forest. Frantically, he took off his coat and used it in a desperate attempt to extinguish the wind-whipped flames.

According to the director of LifeGuard, almost 90% of the women contemplating an abortion who see the ultrasound of their unborn baby decide against it.

Voting doesn’t guarantee that we will get who we want; rather, it allows us to make a public statement before God and society what we believe in, and that we are willing to make a conscious effort to preserve these values.

With hammer in hand, I got inside the driver’s seat and started pounding the dash in and everything else that would break.

On the way to the accident scene I started to pray out loud, harder than I ever had before. When I arrived and saw the extent of the damage, I thought for sure my wife and son had been killed.

Without this void being filled, we will be hopelessly lost – dead bones blindly stumbling along, never finding true happiness; a lonely desperate search that will never be fulfilled.

It’s no wonder some of our kids feel lost today; they are being exclusively taught that they are just an accident with no real meaning or purpose and are equivalent at best to any other animal species.

If each prayer in our life represented one tree, how many barren hills could they cover in our life time?

Whether we are praying, coaching a little league baseball team, raising a family, on a date, attending class, at work, at play, or at anything, we must never forget who we are and what example we are trying to portray because the world is watching our every move with desperate eyes, searching for the truth that only God can give.

. . . An uneasy silence filled the cabin of our bus with the exception of Coronado still barking intermittently with the memory of the all the action still fresh on his mind. 

As they say in baseball, it’s time to step up to the plate.  If you miss the first pitch, make an adjustment – don’t just repeat the same bad swing, choke up a little, step back in the batter’s box, move closer to the plate – do whatever it takes to increase your chances for getting a hit.  The same is true for Christians – we have to do whatever it takes to stay focused on God.

Health, financial, family, and social troubles are the story.  These type of problems have always been around but it appears that things have intensified and continue escalating as if we were quickly hurling toward some type of climax or life-changing event yet to be revealed.

That night, we came together as a team and the players fed off each other like I’ve never seen before.  The other opponent had the most talent but like with most all-star teams, they weren’t playing as a group but rather, each player for themselves. 


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