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Prelude To A World War: The Extreme Left And Extreme Right Meet In Spain. Anarchy Reigns In The Second Spanish Republic And The Spanish Armed Forces Revolt.

1936: The Second Spanish Republic is imploding. Leftist Gangs roam the streets and attack all religions killing priests and politicians of the opposition. In order to save Spain from the Red Terror directed from Moscow, top army officers lead a revolt. A Spanish Maelstrom starts.


About the Author

J. A. M. Nolla

JAM Nolla is a retired US Army Colonel who has published 9 books to date; 6 in Spanish and 3 in English. A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico who now lives in Caparra, he has traveled extensively in 86 countries and all places that serve as a background for his books. His three books in English are "The Carthaginians, "Boxers & Huns" and "The Sands of Saladin". They are all available thru his Amazon author page.

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