Sixty-One What The Hell Dating Scenarios

by Loma L. Smith


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Nothing would prepare me

Returning to dating after 12 years of marriage would be a journey that I would find myself not quite prepared for. Some of my experiences over the years have left me in amazement and saying ‘What The Hell!’ from a moment of not being able to breathe to being cow licked for the first and last time has not been a dull moment! And I wanted to share them with you along with some dating scenario’s. Quotes from the book: “And you can’t tell me to this day, that he wasn’t in the closet laughing his ass off” “Where are those books to tell you about the ‘What The Hell!’ moments?”


About the Author

Loma L. Smith

Loma L. Smith is the proud mother of three beautiful children and is currently living in Philadelphia, PA, the city known as brotherly love.