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Life is filled with challenges. You can let them overtake you, or you can get ready for the next cool thing to happen. The choice is yours.

The Valley Muscular Dystrophy (MDA) Camp is the setting for this inspiring story about eight-year-old TJ and his first ride in an amazing machine, a motorcycle sidecar. He and a group of campers with similar disabilities become fast friends. As TJ gets ready for his inaugural ride, a dangerous storm headed toward the camp threatens to ruin his day. A colorful group of motorcycle riders responsible for making the dream ride a reality, are caught in the same storm. As the campers prepare for the storm, the bikers brave the frightening weather and push onward toward the camp.


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Jon Burcaw

Award winning writer Jon Burcaw, in this, his first book, brings together the unique worlds of wheelchairs and motorcycles. He draws on his own life experiences as an avid motorcycle enthusiast and father of a profoundly disabled child to weave an inspirational tale for young adults. A 1983 graduate of Moravian College, Burcaw published his first piece in MDA’s Quest magazine in 2008. It earned the 2009 Communicator Award of Distinction presented by the International Academy of the Visual Arts. A fundraising champion for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Burcaw has raised over $140,000 for the cause since 2001. He is pledging a portion of the proceeds of each book to MDA research.



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