How to do a Successful Short Sale

by Angela Morris Johns


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Stop Foreclosure, Salvage Your Credit!

The real estate market crashed in 2007. Within minutes, hundreds of subprime lenders were out of business. The seller’s market quickly became the buyer’s market and property values went into a momentum of constant decline. The short sale process became a viable option for lenders and homeowners, both. Do not simply walk away from your home, stay the course, but if foreclosure is imminent, a short sale will salvage your credit.


About the Author

Angela Morris Johns

Angela Morris Johns, affectionately known as “AJ”, a native of Ohio, moved to Metro Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 in order to expand foreclosure prevention services to a non judicial foreclosure state. AJ is founder of a non-profit housing organization, created in 2002, on the heels of increased homelessness to provide affordable housing, and to preserve homeownership. AJ is an expert in short sale negotiating and a real estate professional with a passion for justice.