And They Overcame Him

by Shannon Louise Carter


Book Details

By the blood of the Lamb & the words of their testimony

See how four women move past their own painful issues, to form a bond that serves as a weapon against the works of Satan in their lives.

This book will help each of us to see how our personal relationship with Christ affects our relationships with those around us. Allow the story of these women to show you how important you are in the plan of God. YOUR TESTIMONY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE!!!!


Book Excerpt

What do you do when you are trying your best to make it, but you feel all alone in your trial. Well, have I got good news for you. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE IN YOUR TRIAL. God is right there, and sometimes He has more confidence in you, than you do in yourself. He has enough faith in you to know that not only will you come through this victoriously, but every hardship that you face, God is waiting to use as a testimony of His grace.


About the Author

Shannon Louise Carter

Shannon is the eldest child of Rev. & Mrs. Jeff E. Carter Jr. She acknowledges God in every area of her life, and has committed her entire being to pleasing Him. Not unlike many other young people who have grown up in the church, Shannon spent years believing that due to her lack of experience in the things of the "world" she was left without a testimony. While spending time in Shannon, Ireland, God spoke a clear word into her spirit that changed her life forever. "I want to use you as an example to young people of what I will do for them if they will totally surrender their lives to Me." After fulfilling a two-year commitment of full-time work with the Joyce Meyer Ministries, Shannon returned home to help her parents in ministry. Shannon currently serves under her parents, at the Ephesus Cathedral, as the Assistant Director of the Music Department, Praise & Worship Leader, Pastoral Secretary, and Coordinator of Internal Affairs. God has called Shannon to move prophetically in spoken and written word, and in song. It is her heart's greatest desire, to see healing and wholeness come to the body of Christ.

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