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An adventure of epic proportions.

In the parallel future, mankind has created its own worst nightmare - a hybrid species of supernatural beings that demands a high toll in return for peace. Follow the adventure of a tortured man seeking redemption and a brother and sister, the unwilling product of both worlds, torn apart, determined to reunite with one another. And remember that nothing is what it seems under the domes.


About the Author

Jennifer Fales

Jennifer Fales is an east coast girl transplanted to the west coast just shy of a decade ago. She's also a huge fan of Stephen Colbert. English is her native tongue, followed closely by sarcasm. Her interests run the gamut from science to the supernatural, with a little kickboxing thrown in for good measure. She currently lives in Corona California with her boyfriend. This is her first novel. Jennifer Fales can be contacted at: or via the contact page on her website:

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