Secrets of the Pacific

by Stacey A. Todd with Walter F. Todd


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Gone in an instant, now I feel blue Will the hurt ever lift All I want is a kiss All I can think about is you

Love, the most universal experience, is the central theme of this heartfelt collection of in all its glory, pain, wonder, joy, hurt, betrayal, and power. Looking back over her lifetime of flirtations, boyfriends, true love, and heartbreak, Stacey Todd brings a unique transparency and honesty to her memories. From an innocent and yet deeply felt game of Spin the Bottle in childhood to the wrenching heartache of a first love lost...from the enjoyment of dating hot boys in Hollywood to the confusion of learning that one of them is not what he seems...from learning more about what love really means to learning more about herself...Stacey shares her courage, her humor, and her sensitivity. And at last, when life-altering physical symptoms lead to the diagnosis of a serious illness that she would need to manage for the rest of her life, she began to discover different definitions of love, in those who lifted her up in her time of need. With the support of her father, Walter Todd, Stacey has brought this collection of poetry to you. Share Stacey’s journey, and allow her to be your companion and confidante in your own quest for true love.


About the Author

Stacey A. Todd with Walter F. Todd

Stacey A. Todd (aka Loki Monroe) was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1978. She moved to Hollywood, California to pursue a career as an actor while earning her AA degree from Marymount California University, and a BA in theater and philosophy from Loyola Marymount University. As an actor, she has studied with the Australian Institute for Dramatic Arts, The Groundlings, the Original Shakespeare Company, and Expressions Unlimited. She has also served on the Film Awards Nominating Committee for SAG/AFTRA. Walter F. Todd has published articles in various magazines and co-authored two books with his daughter Stacey.

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