Search For The Hidden Valley

by Bill Sherod


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This is the tale of two first cousins who are transformed into full-fledged fighting men. Their fathers own the Diamond Bar-B Ranch, where they live and work. When Bill and Doby are called upon to move the Bar-B’s prize herd to new pasture, little do they know their whole lives are about to change. One of the crew working for the Bar-B has reported the location of the herd to horse thieves, and Bill and Doby ride straight into a deadly ambush. They both are seriously wounded, their two cowhands are killed, and the horse herd is driven off by the thieves. After a long convalescence, Bill and Doby start after their horses, but find they’re following a cold trail. Their journey takes them to Georgetown, Texas…the Hill Country, where things later heat up considerably once they run into Muley Mike and his lovely daughter, Lizzy, whose family ranch has been taken over by Butch Hogan. Bill and Doby accept Muley Mike’s offer of employment, and they now have a base of operations from which to track their horses. But their adventure is just beginning… Search for the Hidden Valley is an exciting and entertaining Western, rich with colorful characters—including Fat Charlie and Spotted Pony, who liven things up in the Town Square, and an Indian cook named Half-Moon, who slings lead as well as she does food. There’s plenty of action for all in this first book of a three-part series.


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Bill Sherod

Always a big fan of Louis L’Amour, Bill Sherod started writing his own Western fiction after reading James A. Michener’s Texas and living in Texas himself for more than 20 years. Born in Iowa, Bill grew up in Illinois and retired from a career of both military service and law enforcement. He and his wife of 58 years currently live in California.

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