Santa Claws

A True Story

by Mark Kramer


Book Details

"Chairs tumbled backward as the children raced to the fireplace to see who, or what, was making that strange sound."

Abandoned and starving, a stray kitten overcomes her fear of humans in a true Christmas Eve miracle.


Book Excerpt

As the children stared out the window at the gentle snowflakes reflecting the colorful lights, their eyes gleamed with wonder of what Santa's visit might bring them that night. However, the children did not notice that outside, something stared back at them from underneath a holly bush. That something was a lost, hungry kitten that was too busy sniffing the delicious aroma coming from the house to notice the cold or be afraid of the man on the tall ladder.


About the Author

Mark Kramer

Mark Kramer worked in the coal mines of Western Pennsylvania for twenty-five years. He left the mines, enrolled in college and earned a secondary education degree and now enlightens the minds of history students in Mt. Lebanon School District near Pittsburgh. Mr. Kramer resides with his wife at their country home in Bavington where he continues to entertain his three sons and grandchildren with his storytelling.

Greg Frommeyer is an artist and Art teacher who resides with his wife in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is grateful for the gift of art making and desires to share it with others. Though he has not devoted himself to one specific art medium, his current concentrations are ceramics, woodworking and illustration. He strives for peace, talent, and the perfect coffee mug.

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