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Want to have a hot new read out in time for summer book buying? All you need is a dream and great timing. Self-publish with Outskirts Press throughout the month of April, and we'll upgrade your publishing package for FREE! It's the perfect way to stay within your self-publishing budget, wisely use your tax refund and still get everything you want and then some. Talk about happy returns...
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Meet Your Team: Terri Abstein

Terri Abstein has been with Outskirts Press since 2011. She came to Outskirts Press with over 15 years as a consultant for healthcare organizations and corporate marketing.

As a Personal Marketing Assistant, she helps authors establish a presence in the marketplace and gain awareness for their work. She provides direction and strategic options in navigating the complex and ever-changing social media climate and market trends, so authors can take advantage of new and exciting areas of promotion.

As a Publishing Consultant, she guided authors through the initial process of becoming published authors, helping them to make the best choices within their budget to increase the marketability of their book.

She is also involved in the Royalties department, assisting authors with questions and processes.

The differing disciplines required for each of these roles gives her a unique perspective, allowing her to advise authors about the best way to build a strong foundation for developing and marketing their book.

Terri Abstein

Celebrate Faith on the Page This April!

April is a month rich in religious tradition, whether the celebration of Passover on the 11th, Easter on the 16th, and Lailat al Miraj on the 23rd. It is perhaps appropriate that the first month of true spring would be one in which such a variety of faiths would place important holidays to mark the joys of life and rebirth, but it's also the perfect month for us at Outskirts Press to celebrate our authors who have published within the religious genre! In today's post, we'll be highlighting several authors who exemplify the finest points of writing as well as serving as advocates for self-publishing packages like our One-Click Publishing packages for the Spiritual and Christian genres!

Learning at His Place: Daily Whispers of Truth to Help Guide You Through This Broken World Back to Father's Heart, by Jim May

"My copy is falling apart from constant use," writes one reviewer of Jim May's powerful new work of devotional literature. Here is a book packed with practical spiritual wisdom, centered around helping you as a reader find out who you are and how to connect with the person of Christ. Structured in such a way as to break this wisdom down into daily bite-sized portions, this is exactly the sort of book to help walk you through the coming year-and reconnect with what's truly valuable about faith, minus all of the white noise and institutional trappings which can sometimes distract us from the heart of the matter.

Dying to Live: A Spiritual Memoir, by Liza Piatt

Liza Piatt, a former teacher and administrator in the private Christian school and homeschool sectors respectively, has seen a lot in her life. Her memoirs begin on a beach in Southern California in the 1950s and leaps to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire before circling back to cover the events which followed her mother's death in 2004. Piatt openly examines her penchant for missing the point of her own faith, even as she narrates her life stories through the lens of loss: the loss of her parents as well as her parents-in-law and a close personal friend. Her husband, too, faces death-twice-and the cumulative effect of each experience leads Piatt to an all-important realization: life is a work in progress, and so too faith.

The Fruit of the Spirit: Why Is Mankind Losing Its Fruit?, by Harry M. Cartwright, Sr. Ph.D.

If your taste runs a little more towards hard-hitting research, then this book by Harry M. Cartwright, Sr. is exactly the book for you! Here, Cartwright examines just what it is which leads all big nations to fall, including the Roman Empire, Greece, the USSR, and more. You might have guessed one of the central questions this book seeks to address: is the end in sight for the United States? And we have every reason to believe you'll be both enlightened and empowered by his answer, steeped as it is in a lifetime of research and religious reflection. This is not a book rooted in pessimism; rather, it's a book which sets out to reveal how national leaders and everyday citizens can together help save this nation-and every nation!

31 Day Spiritual Mindset Makeover: A Journey Through The Book of Proverbs, by Carlene B. Charlemagne

The modern world, writes Carlene Charlemagne, is busy with demands and distractions, making it oh-so-easy to lose focus on your spiritual development. Which is why she put together this book, a journal designed to put you back on the path to spiritual transformation through structured insight derived from the 31 chapters of Proverbs. With over 900 inspired precepts to provide godly counsel for every human experience, from love and lust to justice and vengeance, prosperity and poverty to anger and anxiety-and so much more-Charlemagne challenges her readers to attain a full Spiritual Mindset Makeover. By following along in this journal, readers are encouraged to apply the wisdom of the Proverbs to everyday life through an ever-deepening understanding of their own faith.

Blind Spots: The Memoirs of a Baby Boomer on the Rocky Road towards Spiritual Awakening, by John Domenico

They say God works in mysterious ways-and so begins John Domenico's phenomenal memoirs of his lifetime as a "seeker," starting from a point of steadfast adherence to his Catholic upbringing and journeying through his experiences with Pentecostal Christianity as well as his eventual arrival at a more inclusive spirituality. This book poses the question: What happens when you never stop questioning what you believe? And Blind Spots sets out to answer that question through a collection of candid, humorous reflections and critiques on all of Domenico's many rich experiences. This is a book to inspire hope, and compassion, and a welcoming spirit for all those seekers out there still on the hunt for a place to belong when it comes to faith. Domenico's voice, as he covers the politics, major events, personalities, and trends which have shaped the last half-century, makes this a compelling read!

We're proud of all of our authors here at Outskirts Press, and we hope you'll take a moment to celebrate the hard work that you do and the work done by a stellar self-publishing community this February! You can find all of the titles we've mentioned here today, and more, listed in the Outskirts Press Bookstore. And if you haven't yet published a book in the romance genre, there's never a better time than now to inquire. Visit us online at www.outskirtspress.com where you can chat with a Publishing Consultant or call us at 1-888-672-6657.

Author Testimonial: Julie Gonder

"Going into this I was totally clueless about how to get a book published but my book was written, and I couldn't wait to see it 'out' there to help people so I jumped on board with Outskirts Press. Their website was easy to navigate which is a big plus for someone like me who isn't real 'techno-savvy' and every question I asked from the beginning until the very end has been answered with clarity and personal attention. I thank you Outskirts Press team and highly recommend anyone wanting to pursue this rewarding, fun-filled world of writing to go with Outskirts Press!"

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