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The prosecutor’s confidence in his “rock solid case” was based solely on the narrow perspectives of his “expert” witnesses. This was his problem. My confidence in defending Shirley Hickman, a mother accused of murdering her infant daughter, was based on the fact I was a pediatric intensivist and easily found holes in the prosecution’s case. However, I had been trans-vivified into the body of Nathan Olsen, a loathsome lawyer who had been murdered. That was my problem.


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J. Michael Clark

Michael Clark, a retired newborn intensive care physician, enjoys weaving a captivating tale. His topics delve into real-life tribulations mixed with wit and humor. ROCK SOLID CASE addresses a topic that has received little attention: medical experts who fall short of being “expert”, and the inevitable chaos caused by their mischief. Previous publication: The Cottonwoods of Titus Smithing