Reflections on Mountaineering: Fourth Edition

A Journey Through Life as Experienced in the Mountains

by Alan V. Goldman


Book Details

“...This collection of poems perfectly encapsulates Goldman’s obvious deep awe and reverence of the truly feels present with Mr. Goldman, as he climbs both the physical and emotional mountains in front of him...
...The moral questions and dilemmas Goldman grapples with within his journey are applicable to both climbers and non-climbers alike, making this collection a worthwhile read to all.”
~ Theresa Kadair, Portland Book Review

“No reader will look at the mountainous scenery or photography of mountain subjects in quite the same way after reading these poems.”
~ Joan Kirschner, IndieReader.

“Goldman does a truly wonderful job of presenting these eye-opening, awe-inspiring peaks and mountains in a completely new way with wonderful use of vocabulary.”
~ Alex Telander, San Francisco Book Review

“Alan Goldman reaches new heights with the second, revised, and expanded edition...with new poems and old to deliver a powerful collection of verses to inspire the imagination.”
~ Maileen Hamto, Seattle Book Review

“A truly thoughtful and beautifully written collection of poetry which captures both the author’s vivid imagery and the beauty of nature all at once”
~ Anthony Avina, Pacific Book Review


About the Author

Alan V. Goldman

Alan V. Goldman is a graduate of Horace Mann School, 1975; Harvard College, 1979; and Harvard Law School, 1982. In addition to his mountaineering adventures, he practiced law for many years, and is now retired. Visit the author’s website: — where many additional poems by the author are recorded in his own voice.

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