Puppy Eyes Guide the Blind

Seeing Eye Dog's Guide the Blind 4-H Puppy Power

by Janice Young


Book Details

This book is very entertaining and educational. Why not raise a Seeing Eye puppy for the blind? In these pages you will find all the information needed to become a 4-H’er/Seeing Eye-puppy raiser (a foster parent). It tells the story of how The Seeing Eye was started and where it is today. Interviews with blind people and the problems they encounter. It even contains the letters and certificate from President George W. Bush and the Point of Light awarded to all 4-H’ers. But the best part is the stories about the Young’s 21 puppies in-training. PROMISES AND BENEFITS • A Win/Win for everyone • Scholarships for high school students • Emotional rewards • It’s time to give back • You might be able to adopt your precious puppy This is a book you will want to own and share. It explains how thousands of children and adults have worked together with The Seeing Eye to give freedom to the blind person. Read it and join us as a volunteer.


Book Excerpt

One of the best days Ron had with Fritz was when he took him to New York City where Ron used to work in construction. As soon as Fritz got out of the car, he knew that this was SPECIAL. They walked along Broadway during lunchtime negotiating through the crowds and over the subway grates. He was very alert, stayed close to Ron and listen to all the new sounds. Some of the busy New York people even took time to stop and admire Fritz and were impressed to hear that he would soon be a Seeing Eye Guide Dog. Fritz had such wonderful expressions, especially when you spoke to him. He would cock his head back and forth and look at you as if he was trying to understand everything you were saying. He knew many words but the special one was "COOKIE". Ron liked making doggy cookies for Fritz. We told the Seeing Eye instructor that if he didn't come when called; just say "cookie" and he would come charging. She did and he ran -- only she didn't have a cookie so Fritz wasn't a happy camper. We always loved to sit and just watch him play with his front paws. They were so graceful when he used them like hands. However, when he sat by you and wanted your attention they would land on your lap like clodhoppers. Fritz graduated in 1995 and went to a thirty-five year old woman in Pennsylvania. She was a manager for an organization that served the blind.


About the Author

Janice Young

Janice Young’s “PUPPY EYES GUIDE THE BLIND” is her first book. All the pictures in this book were taken by Janice. She graduated from Ramapo College in 1989 as Summa Cum Laude. She has worked many years in the business world and still works part-time for 1st Choice as a Health Aid. Janice is now retired and is involved in many activities: Master Gardener, Computer and Camera club, Christ Lutheran Church, Ocean County 4-H Puppy Power, CART (small animal rescue), and Emergency Management Village VI. The Young’s adopted their eighteenth Seeing Eye puppy, Mark. Mark volunteers at the Manchester Library, the children read to him; Embracing HospiceCare, visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes; and The Toms Rivers Canine Care Givers, visiting people in their homes. She and her family have raised 21 puppies for The Seeing Eye. Ten of these puppies are working Guide Dogs; one is a NJ K9 Drug Sniffing Dog; two were breed dogs; seven were adopted; and one is in-training. The Youngs intend to continue raising puppies for The Seeing Eye. Janice lives in Whiting, New Jersey, with her husband, Ron. They have four children: Ron, Jr., Ann Marie, Bill and Vic, Jr. She also has two grand-children: Kayla and Victor. Janice gives demonstration and speaking engagements. Feel free to call her at 732-350-1612 or spupraiser@comcast.net.