Pullin' Chains

Stay Your Butt Out of Prison

by Michael Von Pennington-Devine


Book Details

A Warning from One Man’s Journey to You

Pullin’ Chains “Stay Your Butt Out of Prison” recounts the author’s observations and experiences in life which he uses to caution children and adults alike to stay out of trouble and avoid prison. A literary tool to inspire young readers to live life to the fullest by maintaining their freedom, Pullin’ Chains: “Stay Your Butt Out of Prison” is a meandering journey through Miami, the love and honor of family, the public school system, the music world, superstars, incarceration, and the power of loving Christ. Mr. Pennington-Devine blends no poetry or pens softened words to get his reality-check message across. This moving read provides a rare, harsh view at prison life from the inside, the court system, bootleg attorneys; the unexpected and cruel losses of love, friends and family, and warnings left unheeded by superstar egos. The chapters are underscored by a truthful sadness, forgiveness and healing.


About the Author

Michael Von Pennington-Devine

Mr. Pennington-Devine has a successful career as a rap music pioneer, music writer and producer, public speaker, evangelist, public school educator, and urban youth worker. As a rap-activist, he has a history of leading the fights with a purpose; he continuously meets with organizations tied up with the government to consult his goals. He does not forget to seek the help of God to guide him through the difficulties in life and obtain his objectives, which includes writing about incarceration that may touch young people’s lives and gives them caution not to ever commit a crime. The author states the people who influenced his life and career. These include his mother, who became a source of encouragement for him to lead a good fight; and Rosey Grier, an ex-NFL player who played a great part in his career in music and in his public speaking and many others. He also mentioned how the prisoners inspired him by their stories and instructed him to reach out to youngsters. www.facebook.com/michaelpenningtondevine www.twitter.com/miamimikedevine www.linkedin.com/miamimikedevine