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Receive 2 free publishing guides to learn how to publish your autobiography in full-color or black/white. They will be emailed to you instantly. 

Outskirts Press offers you an elegant and affordable memoir-publishing solution,
all under one roof.

Cover design, interior lay-out, barcodes, ISBNs, marketing support, the works! Outskirts Press will help you publish your memoir or autobiography and turn it into a high quality paperback or hardback book available for sale throughout the world, or just available for your family and friends. Your choice!

We offer black/white or full-color publishing. All our memoir publishing packages include full-color covers, standard formatting, and an author webpage.

  • Keep 100% of your rights
  • Keep 100% of your profits
  • Set your own retail price
  • Set your own royalty
  • Set your own discount

Easy and Complete Full-Service
Memoir Publishing Services


Our hassle-free step-by-step process can be used by anyone. You submit your manuscript. We can do everything else! Or you can do as much as you want. It's entirely up to you!

  • Worried about the interior formatting and cover design? Don't be. We have you covered.
  • Worried about making money publishing? Every quarter we mail checks ranging from hundreds to tens-of-thousands of dollars.
  • Worried about ISBNs, barcodes, distribution, fulfillment, invoicing? DON'T BE. We handle it all!
  • Publish under your own imprint, or under ours. Use your own ISBN, or we'll supply one for you. Everything is up to you!

"Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my book. The final product exceeded my expectations. Outskirts Press did a wonderful job. Words cannot express the joy I am experiencing now. The professionalism and the courtesy that was displayed by my author representative Lora is immeasurable. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone I know who wishes to publish their book. My friends and family are piling up to get their copy. Many have complimented me on the cover design. The layout is awesome! I am sure I will be using Outskirts Press again in the near future. I have to say thanks again to my author rep Lora. You are definitely an asset to this wonderful company. I hope I will work with you again on my next book."

Tonya Barber
A Journey Through The Window Of My Soul


1) How will people buy my book once it is published?

  • Your book will be listed for sale through online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Books a Million and many more.
  • You will receive your own free author webpage so you can sell direct if you prefer.
  • Your book will be available for order through book wholesalers like Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and others.

2) How do you help me promote the book after publication?

  • Book Marketing COACHThe exclusive Outskirts Press Marketing COACH offers Creative Online Assistance, Coaching, and Help by sharing marketing tactics, promotional opportunities, and general recommendations via email for years after your book is published. NO OTHER PUBLISHER OFFERS THIS ANYWHERE!
  • Your free Author Toolkit inside your Author's Center allows you to manage your webpage whenever you want and produce professional Sales Sheets that you can change, too. Create as many different Sales Sheets as you want. Absolutely free.
  • Bookmarks, posters, business cards, magazine exposure, global book tours, publicists, book videos, awards entry, etc., etc. You name it, we offer the marketing services you want and need.

3) How do I get paid?

  • Every month your free Author's Center is updated with the book sales that occur through all the sales channels where your book is available (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, and many others).
  • Every 90 days we automatically mail royalty checks via first class mail for your book sales that occurred the previous quarter.
  • Every quarter Outskirts Press mails royalty checks ranging from hundreds to tens-of-thousands of dollars. You set your own retail price, royalty, and author discount. Isn't that a refreshing idea?


"Unbelievable. That was the word-of-the-day for me the day my author’s copies arrived. I said the word “unbelievable” so many times that day, I lost count. The look of my book met every single one of my expectations and then some. I never realized that the vision for the book I had in my head since day one could be so fully and so easily realized. That’s what Outskirts Press has done for me: made this process so incredible easy. March 23rd, 2006, would’ve been eight years to the day that I hit the first key on the keyboard to start my book. I finished the book four years later, however, it took another four years of impersonal form-letters from literary agents saying “thanks, but no thanks” before I looked for other options. Outskirts Press seemed like the best option available to me. A mere three months after initially contacting Outskirts, I’m a published author! Unbelievable! With the help of my author’s rep, Michelle, and, of course, Chris (Director of Author Support), my book is an actual, three-dimensional object that others can buy. For anyone who wants to keep their manuscript exactly as they intended and have complete control over every aspect of the publishing process, Outskirts Press is your best option, too."

Philip Colander
Those Made to Suffer


  • Learn the advantages of self-publishing on-demand
  • Learn about the marketing support that makes a difference
  • Learn why famous authors like Stephen King are publishing alternatively
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"To say that I am thoroughly impressed with the incomparable service I received from Outskirts Press would be a gross understatement. Simply put, there are no words to describe my over-the-moon reaction when I opened the shipment of my free author copies. The finished product far exceeded my wildest expectations - it was the perfect culmination of a working relationship that was absolutely professional from start to finish. I am hard at work on my second book and would not even remotely consider using any publisher other than Outskirts Press. Thank you for making my dream come true!"

Dr. Rhonda Hackett
Making a Difference


Personal Assistance!


Once you begin the publishing process with Outskirts Press you are assigned a team of publishing professionals to help you personally. Your main point of contact is your Author Representative, who helps you through the pre-production process and keeps in touch with you from beginning to end.

Your book also receives a Title Production Supervisor, who oversees the production of your book and makes sure it is high quality.

We also assign a Project Manager to your book to oversee the Title Production Supervisor and Author Representative.

Plus, our Director of Author Support is available to make sure everything is going quickly and smoothly. If you ever have any concerns, he is your ace-in-the-hole to help you resolve them.

After your book is published, the amazing Marketing COACH provides marketing tips, promotion recommendations, and publicity tactics via email for years after publication. These helpful suggestions are designed to help you sell more books!


(All we need is your first name and email address. We do not share your information with anyone.)



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