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Who Actually Performed Your Operation?

Hospitals and operations can be frightening. For many of us, the greatest reassurance lies in knowing that our bodies, our health, and our lives are in the caring and competent hands of an experienced surgeon. But what if none of those assumptions is true? How would you feel if you knew that your surgeon was learning to do a new procedure…while operating on you? What if your operation was being used as a training exercise, with an equipment salesman instructing your doctor? And what if that salesman happened to be someone with no formal higher education, who was using his knowledge of surgery and equipment to create a niche where he could more effectively market his product? It may sound impossible, but these scenarios happen more often than you think. Pseudo Surgeon is the entertaining, enlightening, and frightening story straight from the salesman who was in the operating rooms. The graphic adventures of Pseudo Surgeon are drawn from the memory of the salesman who taught surgeons how to perform operations – you’ll look at hospitals and doctors in a whole new light.


About the Author

Wayne S. Clarke

Wayne S. Clarke is retired from a thirty-year career of selling high-tech medical equipment and state-of-the-art surgical instruments to nearly every hospital and operating room in the Rocky Mountain area. Wayne enjoys hiking, fishing, and hunting in the mountains near his Utah home. His interest in and study of astronomy keep him looking up at night.