Production Wife Diaries

by Freddie Rae Rose


Book Details

Production assistant to producer. Motel Rooms to Emmy Parties. San Diego to Hollywood. Marriage to divorce vows. Letter to book.

What happened when Lawrence, a Hollywood producer wrote his wife a letter explaining his faults in their marriage? Well she responded with a book about their love story, their crazy attached love story that started with rags and progressed to comfort. As Lawrence built his successful career, Reese was along for the ride behind the scenes. Would she achieve her dreams too? What were her dreams? Come along with Reese and Lawrence on this fast-paced dramatic adventure of a lifetime as they experience life like no other. Will the girl next-door from San Diego survive Hollywood? Will she lose herself? Will Hollywood be good to them? What lessons will they learn and at what cost? Will her book bring Lawrence back to her? IS it too late? Are they strong enough to handle their son’s diagnosis and the never ending Hollywood hours and lifestyle? Will they find God? Will they lose their friends? Will they lose their family? As Reese navigates love, sex, alcohol, disease, babies, friends, family, television production and self-realization, she realizes like Hollywood, life always has twists.


About the Author

Freddie Rae Rose

Freddie Rae Rose lives in San Diego with her incredible kids and enjoys writing, music, and traveling. She believes every day is a gift and people come into your life for a reason. She loves this country-USA and is deeply appreciative of those that serve and protect us. It is her hope and dream that CF and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy will be cured one day.