Princess and Missy's Magical Adventures

The Crystal Heart

by Michelle Nicole Martin

Princess and Missy's Magical Adventures

Princess and Missy's Magical Adventures

The Crystal Heart

by Michelle Nicole Martin

Published Jan 15, 2010
55 Pages
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Intermediate


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Princess is lost -- what will she do?

Princess & Missy's Magical Adventures is an excellent children's book that teaches the importance of faith amidst adversity. From it, children learn that they can overcome even the worst of situations as long as they remain positive and believe that they are strong enough to do so. This book is perfect for children/parents who are looking for a sweet story that touches on the issues of grief or any of life's struggles.

The story follows Princess -- a young poodle with a loving spirit who’s “cute, chubby and short” after she finds herself homeless one day, though, after her family suddenly disappears. But Princess doesn't give up! Follow her on a journey through an enchanted forest full of wonderful surprises.

Share her excitement when she meets Missy, the magical butterfly who gives Princess the Crystal Heart and asks for Princess' help to accomplish her important work. Will Missy and Princess be able to overcome the wicked plans of Jaith the Joy Stealer? Find out as Princess and her new friends set forth on a magical adventure!

“The lesson I am trying to convey,” says author Martin, “is even if all seems lost, when you walk through the pain, unexpected gifts and inner strength appear.” Kinra’s illustrations embellish this message in Martin’s text with their simple, aesthetic images that quickly catch children’s attention while still conveying the emotion and character of the story.

If you've been searching for the perfect children's book that helps bridge the communication gap in discussing things like homelessness, getting/being lost, or the importance of friendship, you have found the perfect story that makes it easier to discuss these issues and many others.

You and your children are sure to love this perfect children's book for many years ahead. We're even offering the ability to Preview Princess & Missy's Magical Adventures online for FREE and if you don't like it, there's no risk on your part! What have you got to lose?

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What People Are Saying About this Excellent Children's Book (Book Reviews):

"One of the gentlest discussions of adversity ever written" - Charles Ashbacher

"Cute, enchanting and mystical" - IsabellaRenae

"A wonderful read" - babslighthouse

"I love this book!" - Keelin

" reminds me of Lisa Frank stickers." - Literary Litter


About the Author

Michelle Nicole Martin

Author Michelle Nicole Martin grew up in California. She started writing poetry when she was thirteen years old, and began writing children’s stories at the age of thirty-one.

Michelle’s dog, Princess, was the inspiration for this story, the first in a series.

Richa Kinra is the internationally published illustrator of several children’s books. Her specialty is creating illustrations simple enough to catch a child’s attention, while conveying subtle nuances of emotion and character.

Michelle and Richa collaborated to bring Princess’ story to life with a perfect combination of story and images that will delight readers of all ages. Be on the lookout for The Ruby Door, another excellent children's book and the second part of this series.

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