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Pride of Alar. Sci Fi Fantasy at its best. Captivating, Enchanting, Wondrous, it will take you on a magical journey inside Alar, a Kingdom like no other.

“Author Nolan Webber has woven an excellent story in his book Pride of Alar. Drawing mostly from Norse mythology, Webber develops an intricate fantasy world that both adult and teenager readers will enjoy. His descriptions of the various characters are delightful and they come alive on the page. The battle scenes are dramatic and will definitely take your breath away. Webber adeptly pulls the strings of your heart too as he brought tears to my eyes in several scenes. This was a very satisfying read and I’m happy that he has left the story open for additional adventures.”
- C.J. Corbin. Author: Eagle’s Destiny.

“An inspirational story of a young boy named Devin who finds himself struggling through the loss of his brother, a father who copes with turmoil by the bottle and a distant mother guarding her own demons. Little does Devin know the figurative demons are very real beyond the Veil – a world of strife and conflict between the cunning chimera, the noble gryphon and a fallen goddess known to the races as the Mother of All. A coming of age story that deals with love, conflict, resolve and character: a timeless rite of passage complicated by warring races and otherworldly magic. Pride of Alar takes a new look at the ageless story of adolescent angst and leaves the reader cheering for gryphon victory and human compassion – emotions that translate in any world.”
– Mike Dodd


About the Author

Nolan Arthur Webber

Nolan Webber was raised in a Military family. Born in Italy, he began his study of mythology while growing up on Crete, Greece. Nolan studied Theology and Liturgy while serving as a Chaplain Assistant in the United States Army. The last five years his studies have been devoted to strictly Norse mythology as it sets the foundation for his Pride of Alar series. Nolan Webber lives in northern Idaho with his wife and two children.