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High above the western United States a small and mysterious object plummets to earth. Thus begins a twisting and deadly search for the promises it holds. A secret U.S. government agency is immediately tasked to find and claim this object, no matter the cost. Don Kirtner and his two closest friends just wanted a peaceful fishing trip deep in the back country of the Rocky Mountains. They did not get what they wanted. They did get Karin Anderssen, a far cry from her father, the guide they expected. Fishing was forgotten when they discovered a small and powerful object that defied explanation. Then they found Colonel Frank Warner of the U.S. Air Force. More precisely, Warner found them. This strange object possessed incredible power that would lead to immense and incalculable rewards if it could only be understood and developed. Power for good or for evil. Warner is after this object and will stop at nothing to get it. The trail soon leads to three fishing buddies and a young woman. But what is this thing? Where did it come from? Who sent it and why? And just who is Karin Anderssen?


About the Author

Larry Halonen

Larry Halonen is an architect who splits his time between Southern California and Sundance, Utah.