Pluto The Starfish

An Undersea Tale for Children 1 to 101

by Bonnie M. Anderson


Book Details

It’s a beautiful day in the crystal blue waters surrounding Buck Island. This magical undersea world, with its glittering rainbow of colors and fine, sparkling sand, is home to Pluto the Starfish…but Pluto is feeling sad and confused. Many of his friends can swim gracefully and swiftly. Some can even breathe air and move about on land, and others are large and fierce-looking. But Pluto can’t even swim! It took him all day to move two feet in the sand near the coral reef. He believes he’s not even good enough to be considered dinner! Pluto wonders why he is so different. Why can’t he do more things like most of the other underwater creatures? What is his purpose? Luckily, Pluto has good friends—like Lewis the Lobster, Lolita the Latina Leatherback Turtle and Nancy the Nurse Shark—who teach him that everyone is important and wonderfully different. Pluto the Starfish is a charming, delightfully illustrated book that not only helps children discuss their feelings and fears but it also teaches respect and care for the spectacular and varied inhabitants of our waters. A must-read for children of all ages.


About the Author

Bonnie M. Anderson

Bonnie M. Anderson is a 27-year veteran of print, radio, Internet and television journalism in both English and Spanish. She has worked on camera for local, national and international news corporations, including two decades with NBC News and CNN. Anderson is the recipient of seven Emmy Awards. She was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and has been nominated for the Maria Coors Cabot Lifetime Achievement Award, sponsored by Columbia University. As a foreign correspondent for NBC News, Anderson was one of the first women war correspondents, reporting from over 100 countries. Pluto the Starfish is her first children’s book.



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