The Story of Our Life, Based on a True Life.

by Bubba "His X. Mark" Twain


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Final Book of the New Testament, Welcome Back Lord Jesus Christ.

Throughout the history of all humanity, including the native people in the western hemisphere, God made his existence known through the use of symbols (menorah’s 9 candles, Star of David, spiral petroglyphs in Choco Canyon, Infinity sign) and numbers (3(Pi), 6 and 9). For example, using the “reduced” form of gematria, the word emet (Truth) has the value of 9. Chapter 3 - Norma, I now know; is what I believe is the true meaning of E=Mc², or mathematical proof that God exist, Christ lived and will return again, Pi=3 not 3.14, Big Bang Law, String Law, operating system logic for quantum computers, God created the Universe in 6 days (24 years) and rested on the 7th day (- 4 years). My findings could lead to the cure for cancer and many other fatal illnesses, if Chapter - 3 is confirmed as God’s Truth to all humanity by the world’s wise men and women. Please view my video of Chapter 1- The Message in a Bottle: Norma, I Now Know, on my Bubba Twain Rumble site; and How to Build a Dynamic Albert Einstein 4- Dimensional Base2- Base 3 Quantum Computer;


About the Author

Bubba "His X. Mark" Twain

I retired from the Department of State in October 2016 after 15 years as a Construction Project Manager, 15 years – US Army Corps of Engineers as a Real Estate Technician and Civil Engineer Technician, 3 years – US Army Moral Support and Welfare Theatre Department for Fort Hood and Fort Polk as Artistic Director, and 9 years – National Park Service as a General Engineer. Graduated from the University of Alabama in 1991.