Perfumed Letters

by Robin T. Smith


Book Details

In the Aroma of His Spirit

Every woman knows how special it is to select just the right perfume…and how a scent can capture an experience or evoke a memory like nothing else. In Perfumed Letters, Robin Smith offers a refreshing spiritual revelation regarding the intimacy of perfume, known as a woman’s anointing. She uses powerful, evocative images from the Bible and life experiences to illustrate how God refines, presses, and fashions our individual scents as pleasing to the Lord. Discover: Are you a concrete, absolute or an essential oil? Fragrances that attract blessing and repel favor. The purpose and influence of a Perfumed Letter. How God uses fragrance to remember His covenant with you. Your signature fragrance in Christ… and so much more! With writing that is fragrant with His word, love and experience, Robin gives a unique perspective on the ways in which each woman is fashioned in the aroma of His Spirit--important and valuable to Him, written as His Perfumed Letter.


About the Author

Robin T. Smith

Robin Smith is a native of Cahokia, Illinois. She is a motivational speaker, freelance writer and Editor-in-Chief of Perfumed Ink, an online magazine for the Christian woman debuting January 2014. She is currently in her 12th year of active duty service in the United States Air Force. A graduate of Cahokia High School, Robin is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with Ashford University. In addition to motherhood, duty, and education, she is pursuing certification as an Etiquette Instructor. A bit of an adrenaline junkie, when she is not writing, she is involved in traveling, hiking and archery. She can be reached on her blog at