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A Profound Trauma Narrative of Survival and Resilience

Peace by Piece Not since Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning have I read a narrative of trauma survival and recovery that has impacted me this profoundly. Cheryl writes in unflinching first person, giving voice to the little girl trapped in the dark heart of abject torture—the terror and loss is real-time and sensorial for the reader—and out the other side into the light of recovery and healing. It is a breathless journey that leaves the reader awe-struck and reverent to the resilience of children to survive evil with their innocence intact and the eternally-springing hope of being loved and accepted by their abusers. This book is a rare treat that navigates the path of heartbreak to the path of posttraumatic growth all the way to the restoration of life, love, safety, joy, meaning and satisfaction—peace by piece. It is an intimately personal story that shimmers with honesty and is not once melodramatic or contrived. Instead, this book is a finely chiseled heroine’s story. The story of a courageous adult who returns to her painful past to rescue and champion her younger self out of the miasma of past violence to the Grace of the present that—by the end of the book—we find ourselves celebrating. Reading the last page of this book felt as though something important was achieved and something precious received—not just for Cheryl, but also for myself and all humankind. A month after reading this book I find it still continues to haunt me…in the best of ways. J. Eric Gentry, PhD, DAAETS, FAAETS President Forward-Facing Institute


About the Author

Cheryl Fuller

Cheryl Fuller is a 58 year old mother, widow and educator living in North Carolina. After surviving an extremely abusive childhood growing up in Maine, she used her education to create a different path for her future. With a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Family Relations and Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Educational Leadership, she has spent her adult life as a teacher, counselor, principal and professional development trainer. Using her own therapy experience and personal journey with trauma, she became certified as a Trauma Specialist herself and works to help others with their healing path. She experiences joy with her rescue fur babies, her 29 year old son, time with family and friends and being in, on or near water as often as possible. It is her desire to use this trauma narrative and her experiences to help others find their potential for a life filled with joy and peace.