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Packers and Poodles by Christy Ikner is 124 pages of the funniest and most honest 35 short stories examining female relationships ever written. With five distinct sections, Packers and Poodles offers up a variety of subject matter, ranging from everyday observations on human existence to complex themes regarding lesbianism in the 21st century.
The opening section of the book titled, “So I Married a Woman,” is the most candid approach to female relationships currently available. The reader quickly discovers through each story that the writer is both brutally honest as well as truly committed to her partner.
“Pop Culture and Nut Jobs” is the title of section two, and the laughs continue. Ikner comments on contemporary issues including the delightful TLC Network staple, Trading Spaces. The section is not all light-hearted insights though; Ikner also focuses her own brand of humor into complex social issues such as gay marriage and political agendas.
What could possibly follow political and contemporary commentary but female sexuality in the 21st century in the section titled, “Just Me and My Mojo.” The reader is quickly grabbed by the story titled, “Mama Cass and Karen Carpenter.” Ikner spins a humorous and satirical web surrounding the myths “your mama always told ya.”
Hidden in the middle of Packers and Poodles is “A Little Civility Please.” “If you have a driver’s license or have left your house in the last twenty years, you will find these stories as absolutely ludicrous as I do,” Ikner explains.
“Two Moms and a Boy” is the fifth and final section of the collection of well-crafted narratives. Ikner tackles concepts in parenting and family from a true realist’s perspective. One story titled “Not Exactly the Mile-high Club” leads the reader through a series of fun incidents and ridiculous circumstances all readers have experienced. “If you have ever traveled with a seven-year-old boy, you know exactly what I am talking about.”


Book Excerpt

“Christy’s wit and unique insight shine through brilliantly in her work. Here ability to take the “every day” and give it a gay twist is a true gift. You’ll be doubled over with laughter as you personally relate to her stories. Buy this book now!” - Brent Meredith, Editor & Creative Director, Out & About Newspaper.


About the Author

Christy M. Ikner

Oh sure there is much debate regarding gay marriage, and the civil rights movement for the gays is a hot button in general. But, Christy Ikner with her collection, Packers & Poodles, attempts to diffuse the tempers of the right-wingers and slant the halos of the Christian coalition by offering a comedic sneak peak into the world of women loving women. After all, it’s hard to hate when you’re side-tracked by laughter.

Packers & Poodles is a tongue-in-cheek term created by Christy to identify the personalities and characteristics of the stereotypical relationship of butch to femme women. Hilarious, provocative and emotional, Packers & Poodles shares the big, gay woman secrets of Midol, Mojo, the lesbian hex and "teasing the beaver." Join Christy in her world of crazy women and the one she loves the most, her wife, her love, her Poodle, Jenn.



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