The Story of a Girl

by M.E. Reach


Book Details

High school is all about tests...and some of them don’t come with a grade!

This is the story of a girl, Erin Mitchell, a sophomore at Davis-Buckley High, and her friends... Carrie: the gorgeous, loud, obnoxious drama queen. Kylie: the bluntly honest, tough girl with an attitude. Whitney: the sweet, intelligent, quiet, band nerd...it’s true! And Erin’s brother, Ian, who is...well, a boy...clueless. Whitney has a crush on Ian, who has had his eyes on Carrie for years, who likes Joe Gregory, who gets beat up by Kylie. Yep, everything is normal at Davis-Buckley High, that is, until... Jake Cunningham: the senior, hottest guy in the world, and popular beyond comparison...asks Erin to homecoming. Suddenly, geometry tests aren’t the only tests Erin has to worry about failing. Parties, drugs, shoplifting, the collision of new and old friends, and so many more choices clash with her life. And when your boyfriend is Jake Cunningham, you aren’t the only girl in line.


About the Author

M.E. Reach

M.E. Reach has worked with teens and adolescents for nearly 11 years in a variety of contexts, across 5 states and in 2 foreign countries. And for some unknown reason still chose to have 3 children! Together, they currently reside in Southeast Asia..