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There are millions of readers looking for you – have you made yourself visible to them? With Custom Book Banner Graphics from Outskirts Press, you can present a polished image to the world on social media! 

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These days, nearly everyone is on social media – tooling around on Twitter and Facebook, or mingling with other professionals on LinkedIn. At the very least, they are leaning heavily on Google to instantly find information and resources every day. Put these powerful tools to use helping readers find your book

Author Book Banner AdAuthor Book Banner Ad
With the Professional Book Banner Graphic option from Outskirts Press, you can create a beautiful banner graphic for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the Google search engine platform. Built specifically for you and tailored to the platform of your choosing, your professional banner will make you more visible to the world and present a polished image to discerning readers.

 Here’s how it works …

Once you have selected the Professional Book Banner Graphic, you will be able to choose the platform for your graphic – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google. You will also have your choice between three design styles, each proportioned for the specific format you selected.

A professional graphic designer will create three gorgeous, full-color images for you according to your style choice and tailored to the requirements of your chosen platform. Each platform has unique strengths: 

  • Facebook – Facebook allows for a highly targeted approach to advertising. You can identify your audience by age, location, habits and interests to reach the people most likely to buy. Your custom ad can be used as your Facebook page banner, or to announce impressive reviews, awards, special promotions and more.
  • Twitter – Twitter’s superpowers are its real-time nature and global visibility. Authors can target the right readers at the right time with sales, announcements and more.
  • LinkedIn – Driven by a community of professionals, LinkedIn is a great place for non-fiction writers, authors of multiple books, businesspeople and individuals with subject-matter expertise to reach out to other professionals with similar interests. The blogging feature is a huge plus.
  • Google – It doesn’t get more global than Google! Authors with a website will want to make use of Google My Business, Google+ and other venues to get their ad in front of this powerhouse’s unrivaled audience. Google’s robust search engine helps readers zero in on relevant content – like your ad!

The Professional Book Banner Graphic option includes one round of revisions, so you can make sure your banner is perfect before posting.

 Just click the “Add to Cart” button , choose the platform of your choice, and you’ll be well on your way to marketing your book to the multitudes!

Not sure which platform is right for you? Call an Outskirts Press Marketing Consultant at (888) OP-BOOKS, or chat with us using the live chat option on our website for help identifying the best fit for your book.

** If you are interested in purchasing a Banner graphic for more than one venue, please discuss this with your Banner Graphic Specialist or you may email our Marketing department at