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Everyone loves the convenience of Amazon. And everyone loves free sweepstakes. This exciting marketing option combines "Amazon" with "Free" so you can offer your very own Amazon sweepstakes to attract more readers (think tens of thousands) to your book. Your free book giveway will be widely promoted and we handle everything for you. Scroll down for more details.

The best way to get more readers is to give your book away for free. But that's expensive, and you don't get any royalties.  The next best thing is to offer a sweepstakes for a chance to win your book for free. But how do you publicize your sweepstakes to enough people (we're talking tens of thousands)? And how do you handle the prizes (taxes, shipping, copies of your book)? And how do you promote your book to all the participants even if they don't win? 

The amazing Amazon Author Sweepstakes does it all for you!  We will set-up a free book giveaway on Amazon for your book and promote it to over 20,000 readers and writers via email. We will also leverage our extensive social media reach (including our tens of thousands of Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, and Google+ followers) to get the word out even more with an exclusive posting on the Self Publishing News blog, with RSS repetition across our major social media networks. They will all see a graphic similar to this (showing YOUR book cover, of course).  And don't worry, you get your full royalties even on the free books that are given away.



Plus, by using the #AmazonGiveaway hashtag, even MORE readers will learn about your book on Amazon's own Twitter account.

As an added bonus, this option ensures some Amazon purches of your book right away, which is imperative for creating an Amazon Best Seller ranking for your book.

You can even require all the participants to watch your book video on YouTube or follow you on Amazon if they want to be eligible.  Even if they lose, you win! 

Outskirts Press handles all the details of promoting your Amazon Author Sweepstakes to tens of thousands of readers.

Each Amazon Author Sweepstakes runs for one week or until all the free books are given away, whichever comes first. A maximum of two sweepstakes are run each week, which ensures that every book receives as much exclusive exposure as possible. In addition to exposure on our Twitter, blog, and Google+ accounts, each book is featured as its own "Facebook Offer" for the duration of the sweepstakes to our 13,000+ Facebook fans.

Amazon will ship the free books to all the winners (which means you receive your full royalty for the copies of the book you are giving away) and your Amazon Best Sellers Ranking will improve as a result.  

Here's how it works:

1. Soon after you purchase the Amazon Sweepstakes option, your sweepstakes coordinator will contact you via email with a short form in which you will indicate your sweepstakes preferences.

  • * Will you require the participants to watch your book video on YouTube for a chance to win

  • * Or will you require the participants to follow you on Amazon for a chance to win

  • * Or will there be no requirements for the chance to win?

2. We will set-up your Amazon giveaway, including the "odds" of winning.  The total number of free copies to be given away depends upon several factors, including your trade discount, Amazon's on-hand stock, and most notably the retail price of your book, since the total cost of all the free copies cannot exceed the option price, which also includes taxes, shipping, administrative, and social media promotional costs. The more expensive your book, the fewer free copies are given away.

3. We will schedule your sweepstakes on a first come-first served basis and in order to give each sweepstakes the best promotional effort as possible, only a maximum of two sweepstakes will be scheduled each week. Once your sweepstakes is scheduled, it will launch on Facebook with an exclusive "offer", followed up by an exclusive posting on the blog, which will trigger RSS postings to our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Plus an email will be sent to the 20,000+ subscribers to our blog, notifying them of a chance to win your book for free. All our Facebook, Blog, Twitter, and Google+ followers (over 35,000 readers) will learn about your Amazon Author Sweepstakes. And the hashtag #AmazonGiveaway will ensure that the 20,000 (and growing) followers on Amazon's Giveaway Twitter account and around the web learn about your giveaway as well.

Since sweepstakes are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, the time to order this option is right now.