Media Marketing Blitz



Unlike many other book marketing services, our Media Marketing Blitz is laser-focused on introducing (or re-introducing) your book to quality media outlets in your immediate vicinity, where your odds for success are much higher.

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After your initial one-on-one personal consultation with your Marketing Strategist, we will contact local media in your area and pitch your book (and your locality) to them. Don’t worry! Book Blitzing means we do all that heavy lifting for you!

• Local news stations? Check.
• Local & community newspapers? Check.
• Local and regional radio stations? Check.

Here are the personal services you receive with your Media Marketing Blitz:

• 5 hours of Customized, Personal Marketing, which includes a 30-minute 1-on-1 Consultation Session with your personal media marketing strategist
• Researching, vetting, and contacting up to 10 local media and/or event opportunities in your area
• Follow-up with each local media outlet
• Researching, vetting, and contacting influential, worldwide blogs related to your book’s subject matter for a book review, author interview, or other online event (we guarantee at least one blog “appearance”)
• Digital “Clipping Service” that automatically notifies you every time your book is mentioned online
• Promotion of your success on our social media network (all you have to do is let us know!)

Here are the actionable deliverables you receive with your Media Marketing Blitz:

• A Custom Press Release, including worldwide distribution
• A Custom Sales Sheet
• A personal 90-day local book marketing calendar customized for you, your book, and your area
• A Digital Downloadable Edition of your book
• Additional contacts/opportunities to reach out to above and beyond who your Blitz Strategist contacted personally
• Email and letter templates for use contacting those additional opportunities after your Media Marketing Blitz has ended
• A personal, customized “Author Interview” and “Blog Post” that you can share in its entirety for the convenience of additional bloggers you discover

Two “How-to” videos based upon what you and your Book Blitz Strategist think will benefit you the most from among these choices:

• Engaging Influential Bloggers
• Succeeding with the Media
• 7 “Out of the Box” Book Marketing Opportunities
• How to Be a Guest on a Talk Radio Show or Podcast
• How Niche Magazines Can Skyrocket Book Sales
• Successful Ways to Use Your Author Copies in Your Area

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