On the Hole

The complex dynamics, intricate relationships, hilarious conversations and sub-plots of two golfers.

by Jeff Bacot


Book Details

Not a Typical Day on the Golf Course … or Is It?


Nick and Jay have played golf together for years at the country club. They bond over whiskey, women, and work, as guys do. But on this particular beautiful day, Nick and Jay’s game will go to levels they didn’t anticipate, revealing life-changing powerful wisdom and inner truths about each man. As the day progresses, balls meet startling and unusual fates, the drinks cart dispenses wisdom, humor, honesty, and … a dark and frightening foe on the golf course, playing all around them, near them, next to them and within them. As their conversations reveal long-held secrets that will forever define who they are, where they come from, and what they stand for, the dark shadows of the golf course fall closer, engulfing them in a perilous confrontation and conclusion to the end of the round and the day’s bizarre events and powerful life-altering meaning.


Book Excerpt

“You’re probably right, but that was a nice ball you donated. Thanks a lot.” “What can I say? I’m here to help.” “Yup, helping,” Nick said. “Breaking and entering, trespassing, peeping, assaulting a defenseless man….” “I didn’t peep!” objected Jay. “I accidentally saw. And defenseless, the fucker had a weapon and stuck his fingers up my nose. Think I have a deviant scepter now.” Jay stepped out of the cart. “Deviated septum, and tell that one to the cops, OJ," Nick gave him a thumbs up. “Hey, if it weren’t for law enforcement and physics, I would be invincible!”


About the Author

Jeff Bacot

Jeffrey T. Bacot grew up and resides in Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in political science and a BBA in business finance and a graduate degree in banking. He has written two published and two unpublished books and is an avid golfer and thus is not married and has no children.



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