Surviving the Transition from Me to Us

by L. Henderson Bell


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The process of human interaction and blending of relationships can be and is often a tedious undertaking.

One + One = One? is a candid observation of the facets of marriage. It will open the vault of personal inspection and reveal the responsibilities of individual participation in the relationship. Each individual assumes responsibility for what is introduced into the relationship. When there is less there will be stress and if there is more there will be stress, either way the relationship will display an imbalance. The headings are deliberately aimed at getting one into proper alignment with self and the relationship. Think about your journey and realize that the marriage path is as a one way street with many rest areas, but no detours.


About the Author

L. Henderson Bell

L. Henderson Bell, is Senior Pastor of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Kansas City, Missouri. He has served as the Senior Pastor of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church for the past thirty-four years. Pastor Bell shares his pastoral insight as it relates to resolving marital conflict. He has shared in his own marital relationship for more than fifty years. He along with his wife; Ethel M. Like-Bell have three children. Nine grand children and fourteen great grand children. Pastor Bell expresses his desire to link hurting couples to a healing God; as the incentive for undertaking the writing of a book to address the problem of marital conflict. Those couples who came into his office needing to be armed with power and purpose to withstand the stress of relationship development left with new energies to continue building their relationships. His desire for this writing is to serve as a kind of self help manual to those who are caught in the web of conflict; and desire release from the stress of relationship development. When asked how can couples measure their progress? He, simply stated, the same time and hour of the wedding as experienced on first second and third month are the announcement of success.